5 MARCH 2022

Q&A with MARSS CEO and founder, Johannes Pinl

Johannes Pinl, CEO and Founder of defense & security technology company MARSS, explains how he grew the company from an idea as a university student into a rapidly expanding, cutting-edge high-tech defense company.

25 FEBRUARY 2022

MARSS Group announces Jeffrey Tipton appointment to Business Development Director in Defense

MARSS Group is pleased to announce that Jeff Tipton has been recently appointed as Business Development Director in Defense.

19 JANUARY 2022

MARSS to showcase interactive NiDAR CUAS C2 at the World Defense Show

MARSS is pleased to announce their attendance at the World Defense Show (WDS) in Riyadh on the 6-9th of March.

16 DECEMBER 2021

MARSS and Thales collaborate to protect infrastructures against Unmanned Aerial Systems

MARSS is pleased to announce a collaboration with Thales for the delivery of system solutions to provide protection of critical infrastructures against multiple threats.

11 NOVEMBER 2021

MARSS to Showcase NiDAR Surveillance and Security System at World Defense Show

MARSS will be attending the World Defense Show (WDS) in Riyadh on March 6-9th, 2022. Located at stand G151, MARSS will be showcasing NiDAR, an AI enabled surveillance and security system, able to automatically detect, track, classify and respond to asymmetric threats.


MARSS announces opening of KSA Technical Center

MARSS Group will open a Riyadh based Technical Center, designed to provide crucial support and resource for customers across the region.


MARSS to expand R&D and Software team in Bristol, UK

Thanks to continued growth, MARSS will expand the company’s research & development and software teams in Bristol, UK. The vacancies support a roster of new Defence & Security programs and plans for new product and software development.

14 OCTOBER 2021

MARSS announces appointment of Thor Madsen as COO

MARSS Group announces another significant addition to their management team with the appointment of Thor Madsen as Chief Operations Officer.


MARSS invests over £60M in UK partner chain to deliver operation ISTAR capability globally

Since 2019, MARSS has invested over £60M with our UK partner chain and an additional £30M+ with our international partners. This effort has also sustained over 250 jobs in the UK and a further 200 jobs around the world, contributing to research and development that will redefine the possible for protecting assets and saving lives.


MARSS Group is pleased to announce the expansion of its operations with the opening of a new facility in Monaco.

MARSS Group is pleased to announce the expansion of its operations with the opening of a new facility in Monaco.

11 AUGUST 2021

MARSS showcase NiDAR Mobile capability with integration into off-road Expeditionary Vehicles

MARSS Group integrates NiDAR into a fully mobile land-based platform to both detect and respond to threats in remote and challenging terrains.

29 JULY 2021

MARSS Group begins deployment of key Middle Eastern National Security Solution

​MARSS UK Ltd announces commencement of an 80 million plus GBP project, developed for a principal Middle Eastern partner to support national security operations.

25 JUNE 2021

MARSS Group unveils a dedicated security and pursuit vessel for the superyacht sector

MARSS Group announce the completion and launch of M/Y MARSS, a pioneering luxury motor yacht developed to provide complete 360-degree security to a client mother vessel and guests onboard.

10 JUNE 2021

MARSS Group delivers the first ever fully integrated security package including CUAS for a civilian vessel

MARSS Group has designed, developed and worked with key industry partners to deliver a cost effective, fully integrated security system including CUAS for a civilian vessel for the first time.

26 MAY 2021

MARSS Group delivers additional multi-site CUAS system

MARSS Group announce it has designed, developed and delivered an additional multi-site, fully integrated CUAS solution to protect mission-critical infrastructure from asymmetric air threats.

19 MAY 2021

Listen to Rob Balloch, MARSS Senior VP, speaking with Philip Ingram MBE about drone detection

​Rob Balloch, MARSS Senior VP, discusses the evolution of MARSS Group with Philip Ingram MBE on his podcast ‘Chatting with Ingram'.

18 MAY 2021

MARSS completes phase one of $50m+ unmanned threat protection programme

MARSS Group announce the rollout of a next-generation defence system, integrating state-of-the-art sensors and countermeasures developed to offer total situational awareness against multi-dimensional threats.

17 FEBRUARY 2021

Q&A with Stephen Scott, Head of Countermeasures at MARSS

Stephen Scott, newly appointed Head of Countermeasures at MARSS, brings a wealth of defence sector experience, engineering and business development expertise. Here’s a little insight into why he chose us, and his top priorities in his new role.


MARSS’ Man-Overboard safety and support system to become ISO certified

MARSS MOBtronic, system for “the detection of persons while going overboard from ships”, has begun the process of certification to ISO 21195.

25 JANUARY 2021

Q&A with Andrew Forbes, Managing Director of MARSS KSA Office

Meet Andrew Forbes, Managing Director of MARSS' new headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

14 JANUARY 2021

MARSS awarded contract to secure hydroelectric infrastructure

Following successful installation of MARSS NiDAR to protect dams across Europe, this latest project will see NiDAR fully integrate legacy sensors with the newest hardware capabilities.

23 NOVEMBER 2020

MARSS demonstrates its industry-leading status by securing new global patent for innovative Man-Overboard safety and support system

The patent demonstrates the business’ commitment to providing the most technologically advanced software to its partners; as it also works towards becoming the first cruise ship technology to achieve ISO 21995 standard.


MARSS and its partners successfully demonstrate world first CUAS counter measure application

Week-long ‘prove-out’ showcases the technologically advanced, next-gen airborne threat verification and denial solution

20 OCTOBER 2020

MARSS brings multiple countermeasures to CUAS solution

MARSS announces its enhanced CUAS solution, incorporated into the MARSS NiDAR C2 system.

3 JULY 2020

MARSS Group appoints Mike Collier as Product Development Manager

MARSS is pleased to welcome Mike Collier, Former Naval Officer to spearhead strategy for the group.

28 MAY 2020

Adam Wilding-Webb appointed as Business Development Manager for MARSS Group

MARSS is pleased to welcome Mr. Adam Wilding-Webb to its management team, who takes up the role of Business Development Manager for MARSS Group.

26 MAY 2020

Susan Verschuren appointed as HR and Recruitment Manager for MARSS Group

We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Susan Verschuren as new Human Resources and Recruitment Manager, to the MARSS team.

7 MAY 2020

MARSS Group completes another successful NiDAR installation

MARSS's latest project protects a critical infrastructure hydro-electric dam complex from threats, with the integration of NiDAR, a sensor agnostic IoT platform.

30 APRIL 2020


As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, MARSS stands together, regardless of location and circumstances, believing that technology is a valuable asset during these difficult times.

18 MARCH 2020

MARSS Group announces new senior management team appointment

Following a period of sustained growth, MARSS is pleased to announce the strengthening of its management team with Mr. Richard Emanuel, who takes up the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of MARSS Group.


Visit MARSS during the Monaco Yacht Show | 25th - 28th September

Visit MARSS during the Monaco Yacht Show to discuss your yacht security requirements and to see a live demo of our NiDAR 360° perimeter security system for superyachts.

12 AUGUST 2019

MARSS secures MOBtronic man-overboard detection and tracking system contract for new cruise ship.

MARSS have secured a contract for the installation of MOBtronic, their advanced man-overboard detection and tracking system, onboard a new cruise ship.

6 AUGUST 2019

MARSS awarded NiDAR perimeter security and drone detection system contract for 90m+ superyacht

MARSS have secured a contract for the installation of their NiDAR perimeter security and drone detection system onboard a 90m+ superyacht under construction in Northern Europe.

25 JUNE 2019

MARSS installs NiDAR perimeter security and drone detection system onboard 100m+ superyacht

MARSS has completed the installation of its NiDAR perimeter security and drone detection systems onboard a 100m+ new construction project.

30 APRIL 2019

MARSS develops CLiMBERguard to address the increased threat of piracy to vessels

Following an alarming increase in piratical acts, especially kidnapping, MARSS have developed CLiMBERguard to protect vessels and crew at anchor and in port.

15 APRIL 2019

MARSS in the press / Forbes: "The best ways to protect your superyacht"

In a recent article for Forbes Magazine, CEO and Founder of MARSS Johannes Pinl discusses the increased desire from superyacht clients for protection.

19 MARCH 2019

MARSS is pleased to welcome a new Project Director and Senior Project Manager to the team.

We are pleased to welcome Frederik Giepmans as Project Director and Paul Rosewarne as Senior Project Manager, to the MARSS team.

11 FEBRUARY 2019

MARSS exhibiting at IDEX in Abu Dhabi, 17th - 21st February

MARSS will be showcasing their advanced perimeter surveillance systems NiDAR and RADiRguard at IDEX 2019 from 17th to 21st February, in Abu Dhabi.

31 JANUARY 2019

MARSS Secures Critical Infrastructure Protection Project

NiDAR has been selected to secure and protect a critical national infrastructure (CNI) site in the form of a major dam facility.

19 OCTOBER 2018

MOBtronic wins Best Safety Product of the Year at the IHS Markit Safety at Sea Awards

MARSS are delighted to announce that our MOBtronic man-overboard detection and rescue support system has won the Best Safety Product of the Year at this year’s IHS Markit Safety at Sea Awards.

15 OCTOBER 2018

MARSS exhibiting in the Superyacht Pavilion at METSTRADE | 13th - 15th November 2018

MARSS will be exhibiting their cutting-edge security and safety systems NiDAR, MOBtronic and CLiMBERguard in the Superyacht Pavilion at METSTRADE

3 OCTOBER 2018

MARSS in the press: Detecting drones; a multi-layered and integrated approach

In the latest edition of Superyacht Technology magazine, MARSS address the myths and complexities surrounding drone detection for Superyachts

27 AUGUST 2018

MARSS in the press / Monaco Gazette: NiDAR security system for superyachts

Johannes Pinl, CEO and Founder of MARSS discusses superyacht security with Le Gazette de Monaco.

19 JUNE 2018

MARSS completes installation of NiDAR perimeter security system onboard superyacht

MARSS has successfully completed the retrofit of its NIDAR perimeter security system onboard a large superyacht yacht undergoing a winter refit.

18 JUNE 2018

MARSS MOBtronic shortlisted for the "Best safety product of the year" award.

We are delighted to announce our shortlisting for the "Best safety product of the year (hardware/software package)" award at the 2018 Safety at Sea Awards

4 JUNE 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Three man-overboard incidents in one week!

In the space of only one week, in separate incidents, three people have been lost overboard from cruise ships. Sadly, none of the individuals have been found. Installation of our MOBtronic man-overboard system onboard these vessels could well have prevented all three of these losses.

16 MAY 2018

PRESS RELEASE: CLiMBERguard protects vulnerable merchant vessels against piracy and robbery

CLiMBERguard is designed to detect and track any unauthorised access to the superstructure of any vessel or maritime structure.

2 MAY 2018

WHITE PAPER: Developing a reliable and autonomous man-overboard detection system

MARSS have spent over 8 years developing MOBtronic, the most capable man-overboard detection system available on the market. Our recent white paper describes the background, legal and technological challenges and the complexity of the solution that MARSS have developed.


MARSS secure contract to install RADiRguard smart perimeter surveillance system for critical infrastructure project.

MARSS have announced an important contract for its RADiRguard smart perimeter surveillance system to protect a critical infrastructure project in the Middle East.

19 JANUARY 2018

MARSS secure contract to install long-range security and climber detection systems to protect merchant vessels

MARSS has secured a refit contract for the installation of their automated security systems NiDAR and CLIMBERguard onboard specialist merchant vessels.

15 DECEMBER 2017

MARSS successfully installs NiDAR security system onboard new offshore patrol vessel for Royal Malaysian Navy

MARSS have installed the first system of a US$20M+ contract from Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd (BNS) (Malaysia) for the design and supply of the proprietary MARSS NiDAR maritime security system.

30 OCTOBER 2017

MARSS exhibiting at METSTRADE in Amsterdam from 14th - 16th November 2017

MARSS will be exhibiting in the Superyacht Pavilion at METSTRADE on stand 11.708.

25 OCTOBER 2017

MARSS secures a further two refit contracts for the installation of NiDAR 360° security system

MARSS reports the signature of a further two contracts to retrofit their NiDAR long-range perimeter security system.

23 OCTOBER 2017

MARSS CEO Johannes Pinl to speak at TedX Monte Carlo

MARSS Group CEO & Founder Johannes Pinl will be speaking at #TEDxMonteCarlo on 11th November 2017

8 OCTOBER 2017

MARSS in the press: Dockwalk magazine reviews the latest security technology for superyachts

Thanks to giant strides in smart software and systems integration, security technology is more automated and powerful than ever.


MARSS secures contract for their innovative MOBtronic man-overboard system for Royal New Zealand Navy

The new Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) Fleet Tanker under construction at Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea, will be fitted with MARSS' automated man-overboard detection and tracking system MOBtronic.


Thinking outside the yacht. Key points to consider when upgrading superyacht security systems during a refit.

MARSS reviews how developments in technology have evolved and what you need to consider when upgrading your yachts security system.

30 AUGUST 2017

MARSS installs MOBtronic automated man-overboard detection system onboard superyacht

MARSS announces the successful delivery of MOBtronic, their fully automated man-overboard detection system, onboard a 100m+ superyacht.

1 AUGUST 2017

MARSS secures significant contract for the installation of NiDAR on networked fleet of fast interceptor crafts

MARSS Group have announced an important new contract with the installation of NiDAR command and control system on a flotilla of Zodiac Hurricane RIB fast patrol vessels.

19 JULY 2017

"Keeping watch on surveillance and technology" - how advances in technology have improved superyacht security systems

MARSS explores the safety & security requirements of owners and superyachts today and how advances in technology are providing more effective solutions.

30 JUNE 2017

MARSS launches networked tactical command and control system for small patrol vehicles and vessels

MARSS Group, has launched an innovative tactical command and control system to link multiple small and medium sized mobile platforms creating a shared situational awareness picture between assets.

2 JUNE 2017

MARSS in the press: "NiDAR protects against increased threat to critical infrastructure"

The latest edition of Intersec magazine explains how the NiDAR 360° perimeter security shield can protect critical infrastructure

15 MAY 2017

MARSS in the press: "A smarter security system"

The MARSS NiDAR system was recently featured in Future Yachts, the latest publication from Boat International showcasing innovation for the yachts of tomorrow.

9 APRIL 2017

MARSS address the threat of drones to the privacy and security of Superyachts

Johannes Pinl CEO, discusses the increasing threat and impact of drones on privacy and security for owners and guests onboard Superyachts.

14 MARCH 2017

MARSS present MOBtronic™ at Seatrade Cruise Global

MARSS Vice President, Rob Balloch, presents MOBtronic™ on the panel addressing the topic of “New and Developing Access Control, Identification and Monitoring Technologies” at the Safety & Security Symposium

13 FEBRUARY 2017

MARSS exhibiting NiDAR™ at NAVDEX with EDIC and NAS

MARSS are delighted to be exhibiting at NAVDEX in Abu Dhabi, the regions leading naval defence and maritime security exhibition, from 19th – 23rd February.


MARSS completes FAT for underwater sonar deployment machine

MARSS successful completes factory acceptance tests for the through hull sonar deployment machines for installation on a multihull OPV contract.

17 NOVEMBER 2016

MARSS appointed maritime security reseller for Sonardyne

MARSS Group has bee appointed as a non-exclusive reseller and integrator of its maritime security products by underwater technology company, Sonardyne International.


MARSS at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show

We are delighted to be participating in the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show where we will be showcasing our technology based vessel security and safety systems.

30 JUNE 2016

MARSS completes significant superyacht contract

We are pleased to confirm the delivery of one of the most advanced security systems ever installed to a significant superyacht build project in Northern Europe.

29 JUNE 2016

MARSS addresses threat to privacy onboard Superyachts

Privacy is an essential requirement for all superyacht owners, but as threats become increasingly sophisticated, security contractors are having to work ever harder.

6 JULY 2016

MARSS presents the innovative MOBtronic™ at CLIA

CEO & Founder of MARSS, Johannes Pinl, presented the unique MOBtronic™ system on the Design & Innovation Panel at the 2016 CLIA Executive Partner Summit in Miami.

15 JULY 2015

MARSS secures multihull OPV contract for NiDAR™

We are delighted to announce the award of a US$20M+ contract from Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd (BNS) for the design and supply of MARSS proprietary maritime security system, NiDAR™.

1 JULY 2015

MARSS becomes independent from FLIR Systems Inc.

Following a management buyout, MARSS becomes an independently-owned entity from parent company FLIR Systems, Inc

16 OCTOBER 2014

MARSS awards Sonardyne Ltd multi-million dollar superyacht contract

​MARSS has awarded Sonardyne International Ltd the contract to supply underwater intruder and navigation technologies for a significant superyacht new construction project.

10 JUNE 2014

MARSS secures significant NiDAR™contract for 140m+ Superyacht

We are pleased to announce the award of a significant contract from Frankentek for MARSS innovative NiDAR off-board security system.